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This weblog article explores a way to shed pounds the proper manner by using examining Brianna’s 107 pound weight reduction journey.

What do I imply the proper way to lose weight? As Brianna says … You have to not care about weight reduction and put self-care first!

It’s a paradox. You first want to overlook approximately weight reduction and in particular dieting.

You want to get a grip over emotional eating, binge consuming … (and that is hard that’s what I help human beings with)

This article precise in that Brianna was diagnosed with Anorexia Nervosa and is certified to talk about weight loss with recognize to ingesting issues.

Hopefully this text exhibits the first-rate way to lose weight so that you can avoid:

  • yo yo dieting
  • binge consuming
  • emotional consuming
  • self-hatred
  • low vanity

Instead, as we find out about Brianna’s adventure this newsletter will monitor how how to lose weight the right manner through diverse subjects:

  • Brianna’s Weight Loss Journey Beginning With Clinical Anorexia and Depression
  • Brianna’s Weight Gain And Why She Decided To Lose Weight
  • The Best Way To Lose Weight – A Paradox Revealed
  • Why excellent way to lose weight is to forestall that specialize in weight reduction (and make it approximately some thing else!)
  • How To Lose Weight Naturally (Brianna’s Behaviors)

How To Lose Weight The Right Way Show Notes

Brianna’s website can be found right here –

Below you can see our full communique on Youtube.

Farther down beneath I have blanketed Brianna’s speak to assist answer various questions. I’ve gently edited Brianna’s feedback for readability and context.

Brianna’s Weight Loss Journey Beginning With Clinical Anorexia and Depression

Before we get into the method of weight loss …

Let’s set the degree by using exploring Brianna’s journey.

This segment lists:

  • How Brianna’s consuming disease began
  • How Brianna’s Mom determined about her eating disease
  • The one element that changed Brianna’s attitude

(You can watch this element in the interview at 2:31)

How Brianna Got Diagnosed With Anorexia and Depression

How Brianna’s consuming ailment started out

So once I was 15 years antique my science trainer prepared this trip and then picked approximately 20 exceptional youngsters to go in this experience. There become a whole lot of irrelevant discussion approximately my body from my trainer throughout this experience, and beside the point touching from him and that absolutely modified my notion of my frame.

It become in all likelihood one of the first instances I absolutely thought approximately the way that I appeared and the way other people, particularly guys or boys perceived me. And I got here again from that journey a very exclusive kid than I left.

And it absolutely changed the trajectory of the next couple of years of my lifestyles.

During that ride I became very aware about what I was consuming. I basically stopped consuming at some stage in the rest of the experience. So I ended up losing weight at the experience however I didn’t need to lose weight.

And I became already a regular or a thin teenage lady. And I ended up losing perhaps 10 kilos in per week simply as it was so one-of-a-kind than my regular ordinary.

So when I were given back I began exercise every day. I went for a two mile run every single day and I just persisted to lose weight from there. And over time it went from being like, “Oh, I’m eating healthful,” but eventually I started out wondering “I’m simply going to begin ingesting less because I’m losing weight.”

It just sort of spiraled from there.

How Brianna’s Mom determined about her eating sickness

And my mother went and examine my magazine where I had wrote all of those terrible terrible things approximately myself and my body on this journal. She’s like, “I’m in reality sorry Brianna, however I needed to read your magazine due to the fact I love you and I need to help you.”

And so I started out seeing a therapist, a psychologist,a psychiatrist, and a dietician at the consuming disorder health center. And I could meet with all 3 of them on every occasion I went, which turned into generally once a week.

The one component that modified Brianna’s mindset

I think the biggest revelation that we had become they determined to do a depression test. And I took it and thankfully I was certainly honest once I become taking it and it came back high quality that I sincerely had despair. And so that they began treating me for that and that modified the whole thing.

They realized like there’s a chemical imbalance taking place here that is a part of the trouble. And if we may want to repair the chemical imbalance, allow’s see what may occur to the consuming disorder piece.

And in order that they put me on antidepressants and I have become a new girl very, right away. It works for me.

Brianna’s Weight Gain And Why She Decided To Lose Weight

We’re almost there to the weight reduction techniques …

But we’ve an critical element to cover in terms of Brianna’s story …

After Brianna healed from anorexia, she received weight:

  • How Brianna Gained a hundred Pounds After Getting Pregnant and Meeting Her Husband
  • The moment Brianna determined to start dropping weight

(You can watch this part of the communication at 10:fifty five)

How Brianna Gained one hundred Pounds After Getting Pregnant and Meeting Her Husband

I’ve without a doubt lived all ends of the spectrum right here. I was regular, then I turned into anorexic, then I have become normal again.

And then I gained 70 kilos at some point of my pregnancy and I had already won probably 20 or 30 kilos after I met my husband.

I gained 70 pounds for the duration of my being pregnant and a yr after my little boy become born I changed into still 70 pounds over in which I must have been.

And so yeah, I went from extreme underweight to extreme obese.

The moment Brianna decided to begin losing weight

I had idea, “Well, Oh, the baby’s going to return and I’m just going to lose the load.”

I felt really stuck, not most effective in my weight however simply in my lifestyles in standard. At that point, I not handiest became a hundred pounds obese, however the week after my toddler turned into born, I knew that my marriage wasn’t going to remaining.

I simply felt top notch stuck and I idea, “Well, what can I control here?”

I can manipulate how I circulate my frame and I can manage what I devour every day. And so I changed into on the grocery store in the future and collected a replica of People Magazines annual, how they lost 100 kilos trouble and regarded in that magazine.

And there was a female who had also misplaced over one hundred pounds and she or he lived in Minneapolis and labored out at a gymnasium that become like forty minutes from my house.

So I looked up her tale and determined to hire her private instructor, started going to that gym and I thought “If this guy can assist her shed pounds, then maybe he can help me too.”

The Best Way To Lose Weight – A Paradox Revealed

Ok. We are here.

The quality manner to lose weight. The proper manner to lose weight.

(Side note – this internet site Eating Enlightenment was referred to as Weight Loss Enlightenment. I were given an excessive amount of flak from the eating sickness community for consisting of weight loss in my internet site call, so I changed the URL of the area. However, the training that Brianna well-knownshows under are why I had at the beginning placed Weight Loss Enlightenment.)

(Side note 2 – enlightenment is a paradox. In Buddhist teachings they are saying Nirvana is proper here, proper now. Even within the midst of suffering there may be nirvana. But how can there be nirvana in the center of suffering? It’s a paradox. It sounds bizarre however this is the paradoxical way of questioning also points to proper way to lose weight.)

Let’s see what Brianna has to mention (you may watch this a part of our communication at 18:08)

So I determined that it wasn’t going to be about weight reduction …

Because I had tried to lose weight back once I became anorexic or even at times afterwards. I turned into usually unsuccessful and knew there needed to be a exclusive way.

I would start something and I might do it for per week or so if I become lucky after which I might fall off the wagon and cross lower back to my vintage behavior.

So I knew that I’m going to want to reflect onconsideration on this in a different way.

I can’t keep trying the same issue …

So as an alternative I made my fitness adventure about self care and I determined that 2014 became going to be the yr of self care and I became going to practice self-care instead of weight loss.

And the instant I stopped trying to shed pounds, I misplaced 107 pounds.

Reflection on the ambiguity of dropping weight the proper way

When I first named my internet site Weight Loss Enlightenment, it turned into to explicit this paradox:

You ought to surrender weight loss in order to be triumphant at weight loss.

It sounds weird as I type the ones phrases. Stop trying to lose weight so one can shed pounds?


I understand. It’s weird. I’m a unusual dude. I lived as a monk for thirteen months just meditating in nature. Kinda crazy. I truely dig this enlightenment paradoxical stuff.

But the truth of each weight loss program …

  • weight watchers eating regimen
  • jenny craig weight loss plan
  • mayo sanatorium food regimen
  • any weight reduction speedy eating regimen

These all backfire and damage you. Please test these 3 pictures:

  • your normal weight reduction adventure of dropping and gaining
  • the long-time period technological know-how of dieting
  • the sneaky manner weight watchers uses ‘technology’ to back up their weight loss claims
  • This photograph is from Weight Watchers website. Notice how they make a handy caveat for all their technological know-how. That it ‘works’ however simplest if you degree up until 6 months! That’s about the time when you want to buy some other subscription …

    Are you satisfied that dieting and fast weight loss, regardless of what …

    No remember whether or not it’s jenny craig or maybe the mayo health center weight loss plan …

    All weight-reduction plan leads to health issues (high blood stress, heart ailment, lower metabolism, and many others)

    But how do I lose weight if forestall focusing on dropping weight. Is there another manner?

    Yes, there’s some other way.

    That way which Brianna noted above (and we’ll explore greater down under) is where you placed self-care first.

    This is a modern message and you need to tell your buddies approximately it.

    Your buddies are looking to lose weight. Your own family is making an attempt various diets.

    Adults across the world spend $1 TRILLION in weight-reduction plan associated services, offers, application, and beauty products.

    (In the U.S. this range is near $three hundred Billion)

    Yet these diets across the U.S. and global extensive are killing humans.

    And human beings are pressured! They suppose obesity is a choice!

    When in fact it’s the weight-reduction plan mentality and looking to do the not possible – shed pounds on a food plan and hold it off – that’s inflicting humans to expand overeating habits and diabetes.

    (Here’s an thrilling statistic. 140 million people each year in the U.S. try and shed pounds. How many of these humans are seeking out how to shed pounds fast? Many of them. But this food regimen limit calorie consumption approach genuinely doesn’t paintings.)

    Basically seeking to lose weight is horrible to your health, self-esteem and soul.

    Forget looking to lose weight speedy via bariatric surgery, medicinal drugs (in most instances) or weight loss drugs …

    Forget calorie plans, food plan equations, and any diet plan.

    Why best way to shed pounds is to forestall specializing in weight loss (and make it approximately some thing else!)

    You can listen to this part of the interview at 20:fifty seven …

    This is where Brianna expands upon the Eating Enlightenment mindset.

    • Focusing on greater fine matters than frame weight
    • Getting enthusiastic about other ways to degree ‘fulfillment’ except frame weight

    Focus on extra high quality things than body weight

    It’s a massive mindset shift and I had to essentially split with that a part of myself that cared so much about weight loss.

    I had to prevent the judgment, stops the proscribing beliefs, prevent all the negative mind that have been coming into my mind.

    I had to comprehend that it wasn’t approximately being perfect. And in some unspecified time in the future in my adventure it stopped being approximately being thin, stopped being about being thin …

    Getting excited about other approaches to measure ‘fulfillment’ except body weight

    Instead of weight reduction it have become about being robust and as opposed to focusing on the number on the size, I turned into focusing on how a whole lot weight can I bench press, how tons can I lifeless-elevate?

    And I changed into extra enthusiastic about those numbers.

    Which water can I drink today, next week? 128 ounces of water.

    And so I commenced that specialize in various things. If I had woken up each day and weighed myself and concept “ninety seven pounds to go …” I might have given up.

    That might have been depleting and I would have given up, my consuming behavior would have in no way modified.

    But alternatively, the point of interest wasn’t on this scale as lots because it became on being robust and that specialize in specific numbers to degree my success.

    And in case you’re seeking to be strong, you can’t be a little toothpick, thin, thin anorexic girl and be robust.

    I wanted to be equipped and I desired to have muscle groups and I desired in an effort to double my body weight in a dead elevate.

    So it have become approximately various things for me. And that turned into how I stored it from going back down the direction of an ingesting disease.

    How To Lose Weight Naturally

    So now we know The Secret.

    The solution to the query “How to lose weight the right manner?” …

    (Hint: it’s now not a weight loss program)

    Is you recognition on stuff that offers you pleasure, self-care and behaviors which might be intrinsically motivating.

    So now you have got the general mind-set, the name of the game to Eating Enlightenment.

    Let’s dive into the nitty gritty info:

    • Why you want to first attention on ending binge and emotional consuming earlier than nutrition and health
    • The specific behaviors Brianna did to lose weight (from an area of self-care)

    Why you need to first awareness on ending binge and emotional eating earlier than vitamins and fitness

    The normal premise is which you want to unlearn first.

    If you are binge and emotional eating … you want to unlearn all the limiting dieting ideals that mainstream weight loss plan subculture has programmed into you.

    (Yes, there is a mystery weight loss plan culture that you need to understand about before you may cease binge consuming.)

    You need to prevent binge consuming first.

    See, human beings if they haven’t gotten rid of binge consuming …

    They get obsessive about workout. Or locating the suitable interest to burn calories.

    There’s also a commonplace obsession about locating the appropriate vitamins.

    But you have to unlearn all this crap weight-reduction plan first.

    If you need to unlearn dieting and harness the electricity of paradoxical weight reduction, make certain to check out my three month program to forestall binge eating.

    The application is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).

    CBT is considered the primary line treatment choice for Binge Eating Disorder.

    Perhaps the exceptional element about CBT is simplicity! You essentially just hold an Awareness Journal round food.

    Not where you report calories, however in which you file your thoughts and feelings around meals.

    It’s simple and honestly works! For instance, you can see this female right here who binged for forty years after which stopped in a few months.

    Get extra details right here in case you’d like to research more approximately the three month binge consuming remedy software.

    How To Lose Weight Naturally (Brianna’s Non-food plan Behaviors)

    It’s quite easy. In fact, I am quite positive you have heard all of this stuff before.

    (Diet data truly is pretty trendy on the way to lose weight. There’s nothing new. They repackage it and sell you at the old stuff. But ever pay attention a weight loss program talk about emotions, psychology, or taking note of your food to find out your personal food choices?)

    But take into account…

    Remember, you have to actually need the things you are going after.

    Brianna desired to deadlift and get more potent, as an example. But weight lifting is what turned her on, were given her passionate.

    But you may’t faux ardour. You can’t faux what you authentically want.

    (Likewise you could’t force yourself to like vegetables, brussels sprouts or other ingredients. You can’t get stuck up in fitness benefits, how a whole lot fiber, protein, fats, grains, and many others that the foods have.

    Instead you need to pay attention for your starvation and take a stand for self-care and to devour meals that actually make you feel excellent and happy.)

    You must discover this stuff about meals for yourself. And there’s no person plan that fits every person.

    Basically you want to love (or respect) the journey. YOUR adventure. YOUR body.

    And in full transparency, this interview does not dive deep sufficient into meals alternatives, the weight-reduction plan risks, or the way to find out the joy of health for you in my view.

    So just please note that those behaviors underneath are Brianna’s behaviors and that losing weight is surprisingly easy.

    You do easy things ordinary.

    But the secret’s to keep away from the weight-reduction plan mentality, love the easy matters by means of discovering your actual pleasure and being attentive to your frame for meals options and meals delight.

    By connecting together with your frame and taking care of your frame, you can discover what you sincerely love.

    For Brianna right here are her number one wellness guidelines:

    • Go to the gym
    • Eat healthy
    • Log food
    • Drinking water (one hundred oz. of water in step with day)
    • Meal prep

    (You can concentrate at 18:39 within the video above for this part of the communication)

    And it’s approximately the conduct that in preference to seeking to fight all this old weight loss program stuff that keeps creeping in.

    You have to think that I’m going to construct this new person and these are the new requirements that I’m going to create in my lifestyles.

    I visit the fitness center, I eat healthy, I log my food, I drink 100 ounces of water each day and I meal prep and prefer that is my new issue.

    This is the new normal.

    And over time the ones things were given tons less complicated and that they felt greater natural and it didn’t experience like this sort of pull from who I changed into. It simply have become me.

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