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Mathematics Education Resources at themanual is designed basically for the arithmetic educator, whether or not in

the role of trainer or because the pupil in a university training software. The

majority of assets blanketed here awareness on number one and secondary

education, but many can also easily apply to college level. Librarians will

additionally find the databases, reference equipment, and the biographic websites

beneficial. Because the wide variety of Internet sites covering mathematics

education is so huge, a guide to the maximum crucial ones is useful. To

illustrate this, a search on the Google search engine under “mathematics

education” discovered 218,000 hits and over 2 million sites whilst searched

without the costs.

Sections on this guide describe the main Internet websites in every

class that provide high excellent facts. These assets were

selected primarily based on currency and depth and breadth of insurance. All selected

web sites offer their resources freely and, with best exceptions, are

hosted via instructional institutions, government offices, or non-profit


This manual updates and expands on preceding math training bibliographies

and specializes in the educator as researcher, in addition to teacher.

Resources were decided on to facilitate the research of the educator and

librarian. Links to math education on line bibliographic databases, math

reference tools, and professional development are included. Previous math

education bibliographies, Brown & Murphy (2000), Haury &

Zand (1996), and Ozgun-Koca (1998a),

attention usually at the educator as trainer and include assets for

students and parents. Curriculum assets which include lesson plans,

troubles, and biographies are protected, but more element is supplied right here

within the annotations, together with comparative records and links. Quotes

are used within the annotations to signify that the information comes

from the website online’s pages.

Articles within the References section have been additionally selected to provide

statistics on related subjects and print sources not covered in this webliography.

The resources by way of Crowe & Zand (2000) and Roberts (2002) focus solely on arithmetic and will facilitate finding on line

links to specific topics. Links to era inside the school room are defined in (Ozgun-Koca 1998b).The bibliography of web resources on the records of

arithmetic via Barrow-Green (1998) describes resources associated with

unique subjects and those. It enhances the historic assets described right here.

Articles by means of Brown & Murphy (2000) and Ozgun-Koca (1998a) every encompass a listing of math training journals. Periodicals are

not included right here due to the fact maximum aren’t freely to be had.

The following resources have been useful in finding math schooling web sites: NCTM

Newsletter “Web Bytes” column, Math

Forum, Google, and Librarians Index to the Internet. Many

assets had been familiar to the writer from years of retaining a topic

page in math schooling and operating with college and graduate students in

arithmetic education.

Starting Points

The most comprehensive Internet sites for arithmetic training are

Math Forum and ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics and

Environmental Education. They cope with modern-day troubles in math education and

offer search engines for finding extra statistics at the Internet. The

ERIC Clearinghouse affords access to authentic studies through the ERIC

Database. Math Forum is a well-prepared and searchable website online for Internet

statistics and hyperlinks to key subjects in arithmetic.

ERIC Clearinghouse for Science, Mathematics and Environmental


The ERIC Clearinghouse for SMEE, that is a part of the ERIC: Educational Resources Information Center is a “national statistics system designed to offer prepared get right of entry to to an intensive frame of training-related

literature.” An vital part of ERIC is the AskERIC page, an “Ask the Expert” carrier. Users may additionally post their query to AskERIC and acquire a solution from an expert at one of the ERIC Clearinghouses. Internet assets inside AskERIC are the “Question Archive”, the lesson plans database, and the ERIC Database. The ERIC Database that’s freely to be had, is a primary index for math training resources. It indexes journal articles, ERIC files, books, theses, conference papers, and standards in all areas of education. The ERIC Clearinghouse for SMEE also gives the total-textual content of ERIC Digest articles, lists of journals in math schooling, information announcements, and hyperlinks to Internet sources and expert societies’ domestic pages. This website is effortlessly navigated and consists of a Google web site search engine.

The ERIC Clearinghouse agreement with the Department of Education expires

in December 2003.A reorganization of the ERIC gadget is being taken into consideration

which could extensively exchange ERIC offerings and information.The future of

ERIC offerings are unknown at the time of guide.

Math Forum Internet Mathematics Library

This website identifies itself as the “leading middle for mathematics and arithmetic training at the Internet” and without any reservations I might agree that its coverage of math education is first rate. It consists of a seemingly countless number of sources for instructors, college students, and mathematicians in guide of its assignment to “enhance and aid teaching and getting to know.” Emphasis is placed on math training on the K – 12 stage, however college degree resources are not excluded. Separate sections focus on Math Education Topics and Key Issues in Math, with the latter inclusive of tips to career facts. The Math Library and Math Education Resources both link to masses of Internet pages. The “Resources” page is comfortably organized by means of challenge inside grade level. Math Forum is properly organized, but is so comprehensive that repeated searches are important to seize the overall breadth of its coverage. The Quick Reference Sheet affords help and a navigational assessment.

Online Bibliographic Databases

While maximum bibliographic databases are supplied as price-based totally services, both the

MATHDI and ERIC databases can be used without a subscription. MATHDI has an

worldwide taste with, greater European journals than ERIC.Coverage differs as

properly. The scope of MATHDI is math and computer science training, while ERIC indexes

all subject areas of education.Subscription databases researchers might also want to

seek include H.W.Wilson’s Education Index and OCLC’s Worldcat.

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Database

The ERIC Database, which is freely to be had on the Internet, indexes over one million references to magazine articles, ERIC files, books, theses, conference papers, and requirements published from 1966 to the present. In addition to “Basic” and “Advanced” Searches, the database can be browsed through “Topics Organized Hierarchically” or by using “Topics Organized Alphabetically” at the

ERIC Search Page.

MATHDI, Mathematics Didactics Database

MATHDI is the online version of International Reviews on Mathematical

Education. This bibliographic database covers arithmetic education and

laptop technology at all education degrees, together with person and instructor training, from

1976 to the existing. It indexes journals, conference papers, books, reports,

software program, media, and non-traditional literature.Although the whole MathDI

database is available on line, only 3 results in step with seek are lower back with out a

subscription, so a narrowly described search will paintings fine. Nevertheless that is a

valuable useful resource for citations not with no trouble determined some place else. The list of serials indexed via MATHDI

may be browsed by way of magazine name. MATHDI includes a section of its personal articles on

arithmetic schooling, however the complete-text is for subscribers most effective.

Online Reference Tools

As reference equipment, these websites are aimed toward educators, college students and

anybody desiring encyclopedic or manual facts in arithmetic. The

Prime Mathematics Encyclopedia, Mathematical Atlas, and World of

Mathematics, all provide encyclopedic statistics on arithmetic subjects at

differing educational tiers. Listed so as of growing trouble, the

Prime Mathematics Encyclopedia is the maximum reachable. World of

Mathematics is the maximum mathematical. Calculators Online and Dictionary of

Units are interactive handbooks. Both assets include online calculators

to carry out operations and historical past information.

The Prime Mathematics Encyclopedia

The Prime Mathematics Encyclopedia is part of the Platonic Realms web site.

Users can browse topics alphabetically, using a sidebar guide to restriction with the aid of

difficulty and level if preferred. To look for subjects suitable to

pre-university degree math, use the “elementary level” and “Basic Math”

buttons. Entries consist of links to different terms within the encyclopedia and

while available to an extended article for that subject matter. Most of the prolonged

articles are written for the general reader. Platonic Realms web site also

includes a math

quotes database. Although the Prime Mathematics Encyclopedia is freely

to be had, the Platonic Realms site is a commercial web page and does provide

merchandise on the market.

Mathematical Atlas A Gateway to Modern Mathematics

Mathematical Atlas is basically an internet encyclopedia containing “quick articles, designed to provide an advent to the regions of present day mathematics and suggestions to in addition facts” on a topic’s records, software program, textbooks, and programs. References and links to associated on-line statistics are provided. Topics are organized via the Mathematics Subject Classification scheme. I endorse the usage of this situation scheme through the “browse” button as a navigational place to begin in place of the “search” button that provides key-word looking. The latter technique might also purpose the person to depart Mathematical Atlas as it hyperlinks to sources both within and outside to the web page. The excursion and assist display offer navigational aids. This encyclopedia offers an creation to subjects at a college stage.

Eric Weisstein’s World of Mathematics

MathWorld is a complete and animated Internet encyclopedia of

arithmetic that is continuously updated. An alphabetical index or key-word

search engine may be used for locating records. Entries provide hyperlinks

to associated subjects inside the World of Mathematics website online. This is an

advanced encyclopedia with entries showing college level

arithmetic. Although that is a commercial web site and does provide links to

its products and services, it’s far carried out discreetly. Originally advanced via

Eric Weisstein, it’s far now hosted and sponsored by using Wolfram Research, Inc.

Calculators Online Reference Center

Containing over 16,000 links to on-line calculators, the Calculator Center is a part of Jim Martindale’s Reference Desk. The calculator are grouped in 4 components: “General”, “Mathematics and Statistics”, “Science”, and “Engineering”. In each section the calculators are organized alphabetically inside foremost challenge subjects. The consumer navigates the website online through the table that lists all topics. The calculators visually demonstrate the action and allow interactive calculations. The Calculator Center is complete, such as simple mathematics calculation through superior university arithmetic, but with the aid of not supplying a search engine for the calculators, this site is not without difficulty navigated.

A Dictionary of Units kingdom/cimt/dictunit/dictunit.htm

A Dictionary of Units “presents a summary of most of the gadgets of

measurement to be found in use round the world these days (and a few of

historical interest), collectively with an appropriate conversion factors

needed to exchange them into a ‘wellknown’ unit of the SI.” Includes on-line

calculators to make the conversion. Each calculator comes with an

encyclopedia-like entry of heritage statistics. An alphabetical listing of

devices offers definitions, conversion elements, and hyperlinks to calculators

and notes.

How Many? A Dictionary of Units of Measure

How Many? defines gadgets of measure, both not unusual and unconventional. It

consists of the International System of Measure, Metric, and English

Traditional systems. In the novel class, it lists gadgets that

are in most cases utilized in one locality, e.g., “butcher”, a South Australian

measure of beer; devices utilized in historic times, e.g., “toman”, of Persian

beginning and still utilized in Turkey and Iran; or simply exciting gadgets, e.g.,

“smoot” or “slinch”, the latter invented with the aid of NASA. Access is alphabetical

and entries consist of descriptions and ancient notes with hyperlinks to

different terms within the dictionary and to outside web sites. No calculator is

included. This is a amusing and thrilling website online.

This website presents mathematical tables for primary through university

level arithmetic. It is designed for brief appearance-up of math terms and

formulation while handiest quick table facts is wanted. Designed and

maintained by using David Manura, it’s also to be had in a Spanish textual content version.

Biographical and Historical Resources

Frequently, instructors want information of a ancient or biographical

nature about a topic or mathematician. The following web sites are widely known

for in-depth encyclopedic entries with references. Sites specific to at least one

subject matter, for example, dedicated solely to Euclid, are not protected here, but

can without difficulty be discovered using one of the searchable sources listed beneath Starting Points or Google.


An splendid starting point for historic and biographical facts in

arithmetic, this website contains numerous indexes for locating biographies

and topical entries. In addition to an index for the history of math, MacTutor History of

Mathematics, and biographies, Index of

Biographies, the website includes a Famous

Curves Index and Mathematicians

of the Day. Alphabetical indexes or the website online seek engine can be used

for navigation. This website is hosted with the aid of the University of St. Andrews in

Scotland and become created and maintained by Edmund Robertson and John


MacTutor History of Mathematics

This resource is the history of mathematics part of the MacTutor site

named above. Topical information is observed via cultural, alphabetical,

or situation indexes. This site also includes birthplace maps, timelines,

and mathematicians’ anniversaries calendar.

MacTutor Index of Biographies kingdom/BiogIndex.html

This website is the biographical part of the MacTutor web page named above.

More than 1400 mathematicians are described and plenty of biographies encompass a

picture. Entries are effortlessly determined thru alphabetical or chronological

indexes. An index to girls mathematicians is likewise blanketed.

Biographies of Women Mathematicians

Biographies of Women Mathematicians incorporates biographies of famous girls

mathematicians, as part of an on-going assignment by means of “college students in mathematics

training at Agnes Scott College, in Atlanta, Georgia, to illustrate the

numerous achievements of girls within the area of mathematics.” The a hundred twenty five plus

entries vary significantly in period and amount of statistics provided.

Alphabetical and chronological indexes provide clean navigation. Not all

biographies overlap with MacTutor. A page of resources for in addition take a look at

is also furnished.

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora (MAD)

Mathematicians of the African Diaspora profiles Black mathematicians and

scientists, which includes a history and biographies of Blacks in arithmetic,

and a separate segment of Black women in mathematics. Other sections

encompass statistics on Blacks in computer technology, physics and astronomy.

Links to modern-day activity openings and expert societies also are

supplied. This is an exciting web site that includes statistics not

easily found some place else.

Mathematical Quotations Server

From Furman University, the Quotations Server affords a collection of

mathematical prices. Navigation is by way of a key-word search or through a

surfing alphabetical listing of creator names. The citation database may additionally

be downloaded.

Lesson Plans

Sites with lesson plans are numerous, however the hyperlinks indexed underneath are top

starting points because they result in unique lessons. The Maser

Generation II Project offers a well annotated list of lesson plan

on line collections. The different sites every have a different emphasis or

strength and provide the lesson plans or link to a selected lesson as

targeted inside the annotations. More curriculum initiatives are defined in

the Mathematics Education section of TERC, that is in addition defined underneath Professional Societies.

Maser Generation II Project – General Math Sites

Many Internet sites point to lesson plans and issues, but the Maser

Project is particularly beneficial because every hyperlink is nicely annotated.

Descriptions for each web site encompass recognition and target market, in addition to

descriptive data. Numerous listings for lesson plans, troubles,

puzzles and games are given. Navigation with the aid of grade stage is furnished via

the use of three tables for math subjects suitable to fundamental, center,

and excessive faculty math.

Ask ERIC Lesson Plans Collection – Mathematics

The AskERIC Lesson Plan Collection incorporates K – 12 lesson plans written by

teachers. Lesson plans are organized by means of extensive subject place and grade


Breaking Away from the Math Book: Creative Projects for


This web page presents a small collection of nicely-designed lesson plans for K

– eight. The lesson plans include specified instructions and provide historical past

statistics for teachers.

CEC Lesson Plans

Columbia Education Center consists of lesson plans in math and science,

focused mainly at elementary and center school ranges. CEC additionally hyperlinks to

lesson plans on the Internet. There is not any difficulty searching. All lesson

plans are indexed with the aid of broad grade degree.

ENC Lesson Plans-math topics

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse became created to accumulate K – 12 teaching materials for educators in math and science. ENC affords hyperlinks to lesson plans, national requirements, kingdom frameworks, curriculum assets, and expert improvement. The Reference Resources link at ENC consists of an “Ask-an-Expert” carrier and on line hyperlinks to biography sites and actual statistics sources.

Math Forum – Lesson Plans

Part of Math Forum, this page points to hundreds of instructions plans

searchable by way of topic or grade degree. A seek engine gives key-word

searching, with the ability to limit by way of stage. A “Power Search” allows

special looking by way of resource kind and grade degree.

Problems and Contests

Refer to hyperlinks under Lesson Plans for issues extra

appropriate to lecture room use. The websites listed right here offer current

statistics on mathematical competitions and hassle lists, some with


American Mathematics Competitions

Sponsored by using Mathematical Association of America (MAA), this site gives contemporary information on the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC), which “seeks to boom interest in arithmetic and to broaden problem solving capacity through a chain of friendly arithmetic contests for junior and senior high faculty college students.” AMC additionally offers a downloadable Teachers Manual and pattern questions from preceding contests. A Problem Archive has past problems from several contests, which may be downloaded. The Problem directory gives Internet hyperlinks to math problems from specific contests. The web site is also to be had in French.

Mathematics Contests, Competitions, and Problems Sets

(Math Archives)

Part of Math Archive, this web site gives Internet hyperlinks to contests,

competitions, and hassle sets for elementary colleges via college

degree. To facilitate navigation the contest section is divided by using academic

stage, but the Internet trouble set hyperlinks provide too little content material

records to be beneficial.


Mathschallenge affords problems for middle and high college college students.

There isn’t any subject index, besides inside the Problem

Archive, however problems are indexed by way of grade level. Solutions are

supplied for all issues, besides for the present day month’s listings. The

“Problem Archive” lists troubles by 4 huge problem classes and

consists of printable variations and answers. An “Internet Search” offers

keyword attempting to find diverse web sites providing math troubles. There is a

separate listing of problems in code breaking.

20,000 Problems Under the Sea – Mathematical Treasure at the Web

This web site become created out of a need to gather in a single location math issues

suitable for homework and take a look at troubles, as such they are less hard

than problems created for competition. There are “precisely 20,000 problems

from 38 journals and 21 contests, all posted earlier than 1990.” Solutions

are not blanketed, but references to the trouble and a source for its

solution are. Problems are suitable for college kids in excessive college and

beyond. A seek engine or keyword index can be used to navigate thru

the issues, however there may be no easy way to limit the hunt by means of stage of


Professional Societies

Society net pages offer facts on club, activities, profession and

employment, expert improvement, and frequently, on-line resources. NCTM

and MAA are two of the primary society publishers for math education

materials and provide additional resources for individuals.

American Mathematical Society: Mathematics Research and Scholarship

The awareness of the AMS is broadly speaking at the college level for mathematicians, however its domestic web page gives a few records applicable to teachers within the K – 12 colleges: Career information, Issues in Mathematics Education, and High School Students and Teachers all offer relevant statistics and links. The Directory of Members additionally includes members of MAA and AWM. Public Awareness promotes awareness of arithmetic and offers links to facts and articles of interest to the overall population.

Association of Teachers of Mathematics (ATM)

This British corporation consists in particular of math instructors in primary

and secondary faculties. The domestic page affords professional development

information, online resources, and product critiques.

Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM)

This association encourages women within the mathematical sciences. The

affiliation has a mentoring network, which matches up mentors and people

seeking to be mentored. There is likewise a profession phase with links to

articles and employment resources. In addition there’s a phase with

biographies of ladies mathematicians.

Mathematical Association of America (MAA)

MAA is “dedicated to the pursuits of collegiate arithmetic,” in

specific, teaching. MAA Online consists of articles of interest to

mathematicians, e book reviews, and a list of their guides, in

addition to the usual communications of a professional society web page.

Mathematical Sciences Education Board of the Center for Education (MSEB) home page?record_id=2071&page=161

The project of MSEB is “to offer national management and steering for regulations, packages, and practices assisting the improvement of arithmetic training at all stages and for all individuals of our society.” This website offers statistics on modern and finished projects supported with the aid of MSEB. Project reviews are available on-line or may be purchased if a print replica is desired. A calendar of upcoming meetings is also supplied.

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM)

NCTM is the most important arithmetic education business enterprise within the world and is devoted to enhancing mathematics training for essential thru high faculty college students. Provides a link to the overall-text of the Principles and Standards for School Mathematics. The attention is on teaching in the US and Canada. A comparable UK agency is the Association of Teachers of Mathematics, also listed right here. Online sources are accessible thru separate pages every for basic, center faculty, and high school level math.

School Science and Mathematics Association (SSMA)

SSMA is for “trainer educators and teachers of K – 12 technology and

mathematics”. Their Internet web page presents conference, employment, and

grant information.


TERC is a studies and development enterprise whose goal is to “improve

mathematics, science and technology teaching and mastering.” Of particular

interest is the mathematics education phase describing curriculum initiatives with

links to the tasks’ Internet sites. The hyperlinks to associated publications

and initiatives are helpful in navigating this web site.

Discussion Groups

Math Forum – Public Discussion

Math Forum points to discussion companies via name. Most groups originate

some place else, however are archived at Math Forum; but, Math Forum also hosts

numerous of its own. Two of them are Teacher2Teacher Discussion, a group

for instructors and dad and mom approximately coaching mathematics, and Problem of the Week

Discussion, which offers a means of sharing information about Math

Forum’s “Problems of the Week”.

Professional Development

Math Forum – Teacher Education and Professional


The “Professional Education and Career Development” region of Math Forum

affords facts on unique topics, including calculus reform, as properly

as links to professional improvement, continuing training, process placement,

and conference information.

World Lecture Hall

WHL hyperlinks to courseware on the Internet, imparting course cloth pages created by faculty worldwide. WLH links to courses on the university stage in 83 challenge classes, all freely available. Credit may be acquired for guides thru their authorised universities or packages.


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