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YouTube and the Institute for Strategic Dialogue need a safe and interesting net wherein younger human beings can be creative, express themselves and belong. Be Internet Citizens has been designed to teach teenagers about media literacy, critical questioning and virtual citizenship, with the purpose of encouraging younger human beings to have a tremendous voice on-line. The programme provides a robust basis, empowering them with the confidence to emerge as manufacturers of online content, in which they are able to specific their identities, share their tales, make a social effect, and produce communities together.

What younger humans explore

  • Get innovative with our hosts and guest YouTuber
  • Stay resilient and confident on-line and make negativity soar
  • Use video to find your voice and bring human beings together
  • Navigate social media, take a look at statistics and get away social bubbles
  • Discover a way to use on-line gear responsibly

Impact to date

Be Internet Citizens released in UK teens centres in 2017 with a curriculum designed and evaluated via specialists from the ISD (Institute for Strategic Dialogue).

The programme accomplished PSHE accreditation in 2018 and is now used in schools across the u . s .. It also offers instructors and youth zone employees the training and sources they want to deliver the curriculum independently.

  • 71p.cbelieved they’d behave in another way online due to the programme

  • 92% of teenagersfelt they’d won new knowledge from Be Internet Citizens

  • 86% of teenagersfelt it helped them benefit new abilties

  • 8 in 10 teenagerstaking element stated they were now confident about knowing what to do if they noticed hate speech on line

A genuinely exact, enticing occasion which become both fun for the younger human beings involved and educational.

AbiYouth Worker from Sheffield

It was a awesome environment, greater facilitator, awesome sense of power – some of the young human beings I added loved being concerned within the filming and all in all a good day – thanks.

BethanYouth Worker from Merthyr Tydfil

The workshops had been amusing, notion-provoking and stimulated a few extraordinary discussions, supporting the young people talk their reality, explore ideas collectively and broaden the gear to confidently experience their on-line international.


Be Internet Citizens is an wonderful programme. The best outcome is the young humans recognise that they could create a positive and powerful online platform to present themselves and inspire others in a latest manner.


The workshops have been a perfect opportunity to prove that younger people around the united states of america are thoughtful, empowered, and eager to proportion their voices in a advantageous and powerful way!


Teaching Resources

The Be Internet Citizens curriculum is made of numerous modules, which may be taught in both formal and non-formal education settings. The modules cowl key areas of virtual citizenship, supplying young humans the possibility to construct their important questioning capabilities while developing their information of the online world through a number of attractive and creative sporting activities.

The logo-new Be Internet Citizens coaching assets include consultation plans, a hard and fast of handouts for young people, extra steering and similarly analyzing for practitioners, and PPT presentation slides to help shipping.

We provide units of resources: A PSHE Association-approved Unit of Work for secondary faculty instructors and a Community Toolkit for educators outdoor of the formal training area. You can down load your reproduction beneath.

This work is certified below a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

  • Fact vs Fiction

    An introduction to dis- and misinformation, why people proportion fake facts online, the way to become aware of it, and a way to stop its spread.

  • Three Sides to Every Story

    Covers the special capabilities of biased writing, why media content material may be biased, a way to protect against sensationalist content, and information the clear out bubble phenomenon.

  • Us vs Them

    Introduces the ideas of unconscious bias and stereotyping. This is observed via a role-play interest that helps contributors apprehend the ‘us vs them’ mentality, and mirror on how it is able to divide society.

  • Speaking Up, Speaking Out

    An advent to the principles of loose speech and hate speech. Young human beings will analyze the difference between the 2 concepts, and observe a number of powerful responses to on-line hate and abuse.

  • Becoming an Internet Citizen

    Young humans showcase their knowledge of what it method to be a great digital citizen, and demonstrate their creativity through content advent or planning a social media campaign.

  • Download Unit of Work
  • Download Community Toolkit

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