Cat Dieting: The Way To Help Your Cat Shed Pounds

Prior to beginning your cat’s weight reduction adventure, please communicate to your veterinarian about how to try this accurately. Cat dieting is not as easy as proscribing food, and rapid weight reduction may be very risky. Any cat diet regime ought to be a collaboration among you and your vet.

Here’s are a few methods that you may assist your cat lose weight and get again to being wholesome.

How to Help Your Cat Lose Weight Safely

First and predominant, talk on your veterinarian before placing your cat on a weight-reduction plan. They will assist you set up a cat dieting plan that helps gradual, wholesome weight loss without proscribing meals intake too extensively.

Severe cat meals restrict and speedy weight loss can truly make your puppy very ill, causing a totally serious sickness in cats known as hepatic lipidosis, or fatty liver sickness.

Calculating Your Cat’s Body Condition Score

The ideal weight for a cat is decided with the aid of their body condition score. This is an goal measurement of your cat’s frame composition based at the visibility of their ribs, presence of a “waist,” and the way without problems their vertebrae may be felt.

Once a frame circumstance score has been assigned, your veterinarian assist you to establish your pet’s target weight and each day calorie intake purpose the usage of the following system for resting electricity requirement (RER):

70 x (body weight in kg)0.seventy five=RER

How Much Weight Should a Cat Lose Each Week?

Cats ought to now not lose more than 1-2% in their overall body weight in keeping with week.

By decreasing their calorie consumption to 80% of their RER, you have to see a weekly weight loss charge of one-2% (this may range slightly relying on the individual cat).

Your veterinarian will let you parent out all of these calculations for calorie intake and weight reduction, plus element sizes. Weigh your pet weekly to make sure that your cat is on the right track with your vet’s plan. If your cat’s weight reduction is more than 2% in line with week, growth their calorie consumption by 10% with the assist of your vet. If the weight loss is less than 1% according to week, lessen their calorie intake with the aid of five-10%.

If at any point your cat stops consuming, please have her tested by way of your veterinarian.

three Methods for Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Here are a few hints for helping your cat’s weight loss desires in a secure and managed manner.

Cat Weight Loss Food

Your vet let you determine the right food, quantities, and feeding agenda for your cat.

Most cat weight loss diets could be a aggregate of both:

High Fiber/Low Fat: A higher fiber content can aid satiety and increase bulk, permitting your cat to consume extra and sense fuller.

High Protein/Low Carbohydrate: This weight loss plan can delay stomach emptying, which additionally leaves your puppy feeling fuller.

The better water content material in moist food can help with weight loss by using increasing the volume of meals with out growing the calorie be counted.


Calorie restriction is essential for weight loss, but growing your cat’s hobby stage additionally performs a function.

You can help your cat’s weight loss thru exercise by means of:

  • Scheduling playtimes (laser pointers or wand toys)
  • Adding vertical areas for jumping (cat bushes or cat cabinets)
  • Giving your cat puzzle toys (deal with balls or puzzle feeders)

Automatic Feeders and Treat Balls

Feeding your cat with the aid of the usage of computerized feeders can help get your cat get aware of scheduled food, that can assist with weight loss and long-time period weight management.

Using deal with balls or meals puzzle toys to dispense your cat’s meal can help gradual down your cat’s consuming at the same time as additionally providing stimulation and exercise.

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