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Object garage for companies of all sizes. Store any amountof data. Retrieve it as frequently as you’d like.

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Key functions

Reliable and secure objectstorage

Transition to lower-costclasses without problems

Configure your information withObject Lifecycle Management(OLM) to routinely transition to lower-fee storageclasses while it meets the standards you specify, such aswhen it reaches a sure age or whilst you’ve stored anewer model of the records.

Multiple redundancyoptions

Cloud Storage has an ever-developing listing ofstorage bucket locationswhere you may save your data with a couple of automaticredundancy alternatives. Whether you are optimizing forsplit-2d reaction time, or developing a strong disasterrecovery plan, personalize where and how you save yourdata.

Easily switch facts toCloud Storage

Storage Transfer ServiceandTransfer Service for on-premises dataoffer two especially performant, on line pathways to CloudStorage—both with the scalability and pace you need tosimplify the statistics switch manner. For offline datatransfer ourTransfer Applianceis a shippable garage server that sits for your datacenterand then ships to an ingest vicinity where the facts isuploaded to Cloud Storage. 

Storage lessons for anyworkload

Save charges with out sacrificing overall performance by means of storingdata throughout exclusive garage classes. You can start witha class that suits your cutting-edge use, then reconfigurefor value financial savings.

Standard Storage:Good for “warm” records that’s accessed frequently, includingwebsites, streaming films, and cell apps.

Nearline Storage:Low cost. Good for facts that may be saved for as a minimum 30days, along with records backup and long-tail multimediacontent.

Coldline Storage:Very low value. Good for statistics that may be stored for atleast ninety days, such as disaster restoration.

Archive Storage:Lowest value. Good for statistics that may be saved for at least365 days, which include regulatory archives.

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What’s new

What’s new

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Storage Quickstart

In this console-basedtutorial, we’re going to show you how smooth it’s miles to startstoring objects in Cloud Storage. 

Using the Console

Learn the basics ofbuckets and storing your records and have interaction with CloudStorage via the Google Cloud Console.

Using the gsutil device

Learn the basics ofbuckets and storing your facts and engage with CloudStorage through the command-line tool, gsutil.

Baseline: Infrastructure

Get hands-on experiencewith Cloud Storage and different key utility serviceswith this Qwiklabs Quest.

Google Cloud Fundamentals: Core Infrastructure

A one-day trainer-ledQwiklabs class supplying an outline of Google Cloudproducts and services.

Cloud Storage client libraries

Client libraries permit youto engage with Cloud Storage using popularprogramming languages.

Cloud Storage resources

Find statistics onpricing, public datasets, third-birthday party software program, andmore.

Explore what you could build on Google Cloud

Find Google Cloud technicalresource publications on the way to use Cloud Storage fordevelopers and businesses.

Use instances

Use cases

Use case

Integratedrepository for analytics and ML

The highest degree of availability and performance within asingle area is good for compute, analytics, and machinelearning workloads in a selected region. Cloud Storage isalso strongly constant, providing you with confidence and accuracyin analytics workloads.

Use case

Mediacontent storage and delivery

Geo-redundant storage with the highest level ofavailability and performance is right for low-latency,high-QPS content material serving to users distributed acrossgeographic areas. Cloud Storage gives the availabilityand throughput needed to circulation audio or video immediately toapps or web sites.

Use case

Backupsand information

Cloud Storage offers speedy, low-cost, tremendously durablestorage for facts accessed much less than once a month. Perfectfor lowering the value of backups and archives while stillretaining instantaneous access. Backup data in Cloud Storage canbe used for extra than simply recovery due to the fact all storageclasses have ms latency and are accessed through a singleAPI.

All features

All features

Define conditionsthat trigger facts deletion or transition to acheaper storage magnificence.Continue tostoreold copies of objects whilst they may be deleted oroverwritten.Define minimumretention periodsthat objects have to be stored for earlier than they’redeletable.Place a holdon an object to save you its deletion.Encrypt object datawithencryption keysstored by way of the Cloud Key Management Service andmanaged through you.Encrypt item datawithencryption keyscreated and controlled by using you.Uniformlycontrol accessto your Cloud Storage sources through disabling objectACLs.Requireaccessors of your datato consist of a undertaking ID to invoice for community charges,operation prices, and retrieval costs.Bucket Lockallows you to configure a records retention coverage fora Cloud Storage bucket that governs how lengthy objectsin the bucket need to be retained.Sendnotificationsto Pub/Sub when items are created, updated, ordeleted.Maintainadmin hobby logs and records get entry to logs for yourCloud Storage assets.Cloud Identity and Access Management (IAM)lets in you to govern who has access in your bucketsand gadgets.


Cloud Storage pricing

Pricing for Cloud Storage services is primarily based on what youuse, including the quantity of facts you store, the durationfor that you store it, the wide variety of operations you performon your records, and the community sources used when moving oraccessing your information. For “cold” storage instructions intended tostore lengthy-time period, every now and then accessed information, there are alsocharges for retrieving data and early deletion of facts.

To get a custom pricing quote, connect with asales consultant.

beginning at $.02 according to GBper monthstarting at $.01 per GB permonthstarting at $.004 perGB according to monthstarting at $.0012 perGB in line with month

If you pay in a foreign money apart from USD, the costs listed inyour currencyon Google Cloud SKUs observe.



Google Cloud companions integrate their enterprise-leadingtools with Cloud Storage for improved assist witheverything from security and information switch, to databackup and archive.

Backup, archival, and disaster healing

File structures and gateways

Data transfer

Storage systems

Customer-provided encryption keys

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