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Everyone has their own motivation for losing weight.

Sometimes it’s because you need to wear garments you in shape into years ago. Or maybe your medical doctor stated a number of your fitness issues may be relieved if you lost a few weight.

But locating the inducement and area for weight loss is tough. A survey from 2013 to 2016 determined that half of of the adults surveyed suggested seeking to lose weight at some point inside the preceding one year.[1]

With so many extraordinary kinds of diets, workout plans, and apps available, it appears overwhelming to discover a specific plan to comply with.

That’s wherein getting paid to lose weight comes in. Money may be a effective motivating element, and the consequences are real when you lose cash from your wallet. These weight loss wager apps and packages pay humans cash after they correctly attain their weight loss desires.

But not all apps that pay you to lose weight are made similarly. Research the numerous options and find which one works best in your desires and way of life.

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5 Apps that Pay You to Lose Weight

With so many one-of-a-kind styles of food regimen wager apps to pick out from, sifting via them may be complicated. Here are 5 fantastically reviewed apps to test out.

1. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is one of the most appropriate weight loss apps. It has a easy premise — people decide they want to lose weight and place a wager on themselves.

How it works

Users pick out an amount they want to lose after which decide how an awful lot money they want to bet. HealthyWage has a prize calculator that determines how a great deal you may win. Then you decide how a lot time to offer yourself. If you check in as a crew, the full winnings can same up to $10,000.

It have to be sufficient to inspire you to stick to your exercising plan, even if you’ve struggled in the past. If you need greater time, you can make bigger the guess by way of buying more time.


The app’s payouts are huge, and also you’ll win coins — no want to transform factors into a present card.


There’s no manner to cancel the wager after you’ve began. If you have got a non-public tragedy or a health hassle, you’ll nonetheless have to finish the wager. The handiest manner to get your project suspended is in case you get pregnant.

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2. DietBet

DietBet is any other weight reduction app that pays you when you reach positive weight reduction dreams. You can’t win as an awful lot as with HealthyWage, however you is probably much more likely to win some thing.

How it really works

DietBet gives three special challenges you can be a part of:

  • Kickstarter: Lose 4% in four weeks
  • Transformer: Lose 10% in 6 months
  • Maintainer: Keep it off for twelve months


The lengthy-term challenges make it less complicated to win some cash. DietBet also discourages people from trying to shed pounds in an dangerous manner, so you can’t win in case you’ve misplaced too much weight on the end.


The quantity you win depends on who else is competing with you. The more human beings that win, the smaller the payout could be. You also must pay your wager in advance.

DietBet expenses the following charges:

  • 25% rate for bets between $0-$99
  • 20% rate for bets between $a hundred-$249
  • 15% charge for bets between $250-$500
  • 10% rate for bets more than $500

3. Achievement

Achievement is an app where customers can earn factors which may be redeemed for rewards. Users can earn as much as 80 factors per day for tracked activities consisting of biking, jogging, or strolling. Other non-bodily sports along with logging your sleep or meditating will earn you up to 6 points for every hobby.

How it really works

You can redeem 10,000 factors for a $10 reward. It can take 5 to 7 commercial enterprise days to look your reward.

Achievement is available on each iPhone and Android gadgets. You connect the Achievement app for your other fitness apps and devices such as Fitbit, MapMyRun, and Apple Health.

Every time you log some thing on this kind of devices, you’ll earn points with Achievement. In this experience, you’re not betting anything so there’s no money to lose. You’re definitely being rewarded for healthful sports.


Achievement helps you to song unique sorts of physical interest, not simply losing weight. This can promote a greater holistic examine your health. You can also redeem your rewards for cash through PayPal, so you’re no longer stuck with a present card you don’t want.


It can take a long term to earn enough to cash out for a praise. If you earn the maximum of eighty factors every day, it’ll nevertheless take you 4 months to earn a praise.

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4. StickK

StickK isn’t only a weight loss app, it’s an app that will help you decide to any kind of goal, whether or not it’s dropping weight or competing in an Ironman. Users should sign Commitment Contracts that fee money in the event that they don’t attain their purpose.

If you fail to satisfy your intention, the cash will visit a pre-determined individual, charity, or StickK itself. You can also select a charity with a undertaking you don’t assist for a few extra motivation to succeed.

How it really works

An legitimate StickK “referee” will confirm your claims. You can also invite humans to watch your development and inspire you.

If you select an ongoing commitment, you need to post a record every week to update StickK to your progress. You also can pick a one-shot commitment, wherein you simplest record at the very quit.

StickK referees are the ones who decide if you effectively finished your take a look at-in. What’s thrilling is that the referee is a person , together with a friend or associate.


It’s available on both iPhone and Android devices. Users decide how an awful lot money to position on the road when they make a dedication agreement, and there’s no restriction to this.


The biggest disadvantage to StickK is that you could’t definitely win cash. There’s no superb reinforcement with StickK. It’s most effective the risk of dropping money that binds someone to a intention. This can be discouraging for humans.

5. Walgreens Balance Rewards

The Walgreens Balance Rewards for healthy selections program is a four-week fitness project that people can join without cost. There are types of demanding situations: bodily and life-style. You can participate in each of those on the equal time.

When you whole one week of every task, you’ll earn 100 points. You can earn a maximum of two,000 points after successfully completing a four-week task. This is worth $2 in the direction of Walgreens purchases.

How it really works

You can song your progress manually or robotically, which you may do by using connecting your phone to a Walgreens-approved app. Then you have to link it to the Balance Rewards application.


Because that is a unfastened software, there’s no chance by means of signing up. If you complete the project, you’ll earn a small reward you may redeem at Walgreens.


You received’t earn as an awful lot money using this software compared to different eating regimen wager and weight loss apps. You also can handiest use your rewards at Walgreens.

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Other Ways to Make Money Losing Weight

If you’re not a fan of these apps or challenges, you could discover other methods to get paid to shed pounds.

Office demanding situations

Instead of the usage of a formal app, you can create an in-individual workplace project among coworkers. Set up an honor gadget and see who loses the maximum weight after a positive wide variety of weeks. You also can do that between buddies or own family individuals.

Instead of doing it via pounds lost, you can do it with the aid of the percentage of total frame weight lost. Each character can put in a certain amount of money, and you may divide the prizes for first, 2d, and 1/3 place.

Insurance reimbursements

Some coverage plans provide greater blessings to inspire contributors to shed pounds. They may also pay for your fitness center club, cowl the charge for Weight Watchers, or reimburse your 5K entrance price.

You’ll have to test your coverage plans for these ancillary benefits.

Bets with pals

Instead of doing a weight-reduction plan wager, you may do a distinct form of wager with buddies. You can all decide to stop ingesting for a month or make a p.c. to surrender dessert. This may be based totally on an honor gadget so it’ll be more difficult to track. Each man or woman can put in $five or $10, and the winner takes the complete pool.

How to Stay Motivated While Getting Paid to Lose Weight

Losing weight isn’t some thing you may put on autopilot, even if you’re the use of a 3rd-birthday celebration app. You’ll need to locate different methods to inspire yourself.

Pick an workout plan you revel in.

When human beings whinge about workout, I always tell them the equal element: “Find a exercise that doesn’t experience like workout.” Instead of forcing your self to run while you hate jogging, discover a exercising you like.

It can be some thing from trekking with your canine on the weekends or doing Pilates to your lunch wreck. If possible, find both aerobic and energy-schooling workout routines so you’re targeting each health components.

If you find a workout you revel in, you’ll be more likely to visit the gymnasium. Instead of dreading it, you’ll find the inducement to move even when the climate is awful or whilst you’re burdened with work deadlines.

Share your dreams.

Sharing your dreams with friends and family participants allow you to in case you’re trying to keep away from certain meals or if you’re training for a race. When you share your goals, you may be capable of find kindred spirits who will cheer you on and offer encouragement.

Be cautious of sharing your goals, even though. Sometimes sharing your desires releases a hurry of endorphins, despite the fact that you haven’t definitely done whatever. But when you have a chum who’s executed a comparable intention, it might be useful to proportion your aspirations and choose their brain for recommendation and tips.

Find an duty accomplice.

Trying to shed pounds by way of your self is difficult, in particular if you live alone or your companion isn’t devoted to the equal goal. That’s why it facilitates to have an responsibility associate. You can find one via posting approximately it on social media and asking a person from your fitness center.

Your ideal responsibility associate should be someone who has comparable dreams. You must test in with every different on a weekly basis, in a text or electronic mail thread. You can even set up a Slack channel just for the 2 of you.

Accountability partners will assist you locate solutions to your problems, let you vent whilst you’re pissed off, and have a good time your success. They’ll cheer you on and remind you no longer to be hard on your self.

Celebrates wins.

Trying to lose weight regularly isn’t a linear street map. It can ebb and float. Some weeks you may handiest lose half of a pound. Other weeks you could not lose any. And during the holidays, you may even gain a few kilos.

That’s why it’s important to have fun small wins alongside the manner. You should have fun any sort of achievement, like whilst you begin walking more than one mile at a time or while you discover a way to revel in kale. Non-scale victories deserve reputation, too.

Celebrating wins can maintain you motivated even if you’re months far from your goal weight. You can rejoice wins together with your accountability partner, publicly on social media, or privately in a journal. Seeing how a long way you’ve come allow you to experience proud, specially if you’re in all likelihood to begin comparing your weight reduction adventure to a person else’s.

Write down your why.

Losing weight for its personal sake isn’t sufficient. You want a concrete purpose. For example, in place of saying “I want to lose 15 kilos” say, “I need to shed pounds so I can sense more energized for my youngsters.”

You can also have a couple of reasons which could exchange as you progress. Your initial “why” is probably to run a 5K, but you could alternate it to a marathon.

Having a sturdy why will keep you going whilst it’s 15 tiers and also you haven’t worked out. It’ll maintain you on course whilst you’re at a restaurant and need to order dessert.

A unique why is more likely to work, so reflect onconsideration on this one. Then write it down somewhere and submit it in which you can regularly see it — for your toilet mirror, on your computer at paintings, or while the historical past in your telephone.

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How to Choose Your Favorite Weight Loss Challenge App

Struggling to select which app you’re interested by? You may not ought to pick simply one. Some of the apps listed here may be used collectively so that you can double-dip and earn factors in two separate structures.

Figure out what you’re genuinely seeking out in an app. Is it the social camaraderie or the possibility of getting paid to shed pounds? Then pick out an app that functions that alternative.

There are other picks if you don’t love the concept of in all likelihood dropping cash or aren’t into monitoring your weight regularly. You also can use apps like MyFitnessPal, which helps you to add pals who can see your food journals and the way regularly you exercise. Although these apps aren’t as structured as weight reduction project apps, they could provide other advantages.

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