How To Shed Pounds In A Steam Room

Sitting in a warm steam room allow you to lose weight, but the weight loss you will revel in is most effective transient. As you sweat, your weight will decrease, but you’re not definitely burning fat or calories; you are handiest losing water weight. As quickly as you rehydrate after the usage of the steam room, your weight will boom. However, many athletes who compete in sports activities which have weight instructions, inclusive of blended martial arts and boxing, use hot steam rooms to help them make weight.

Step 1

Weigh yourself on a scale earlier than getting into the steam room. If you need to make weight at one hundred fifty five kilos, and weigh 159 pounds, you will want to lose 4 kilos inside the steam room.

Step 2

Sit in the steam room until you begin to sweat. Although the steam will create moisture over your entire body, you’ll soon experience sweat on your face and other places, inclusive of your underarms. Remain within the steam room for 20 or 30 minutes, depending on how an awful lot weight you have to lose.

Step three

Exit the steam room and check your weight on the dimensions again. If you have lost some weight but still want to lose greater, return to the steam room. If you’ve reached your preferred weight, go to the weigh-in quickly and abstain from ingesting till you have made weight.



  • Many warring parties use rubber suits, additionally known as “sauna suits,” to help them shed pounds in a steam room or sauna greater fast. These suits boom your body’s temperature and make you sweat greater unexpectedly.
  • After you’ve made weight, drink water or sports beverages to assist rehydrate your body.


  • Always seek advice from a doctor before the use of a steam room that will help you lose weight. Although many fighters use this technique, it’s no longer typically a doctor-recommended method for weight loss due to its risks, which include dehydration, overheating and in extreme cases, warmness stroke.
  • Avoid entering a warm steam room when you have health problems, in particular the ones related to your coronary heart and blood strain.

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