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  • Use our instructional generation resources to beautify your lessons and interact your college students. Introduce subjects and ignite conversation with these fifteen minute mini-lesson PowerPoint Slides. To contain era into your study room, browse these listings for the first-class motion pictures, virtual books, websites, and online video games to mix both the problem count and a lesson on laptop abilties! You will even find guidelines and hints concerning net safety and the excellent plan to help your college students keep away from cyberbullying, cheating, and on-line risks.

    Smartboard Mini-Lessons

    Need an interactive lesson with the intention to hold your college students engaged and strengthen their knowledge of subject cloth? Look no further! With only some clicks of your SMARTBOARD, you could incorporate the sort of instructions as a compliment on your personal coaching style and as a asset to your college students learning.

    • Sense Organs: Skin, Nose, Tongue Mini-Lesson
    • The Amazing Rain Forest Mini-Lesson
    • Ocean Zones Mini-Lesson
    • Introducing Inventions Mini-Lesson
    • Seed Dispersal Mini-Lesson
    • Introducing Dinosaurs Mini-Lesson
    • Life in Medieval Times Mini-Lesson
    • More Whiteboard Mini-Lessons

    Digital Books

    Use those digital books to complement various topics in your students. Whether you want to have students flip through the digital books themselves, or display them on the whiteboard to accompany your lessons, those sources will keep your students so fascinated, they won’t want to shut them.

    • FREE Sample Book
    • Ready, Set Grow!
    • Eyewitness: Ocean
    • Eye Wonder: Plant
    • Gallery of DK Digital Books for Life Science
    • Gallery of DK Digital Books for Social Studies
    • Gallery of DK Digital Books for Earth Science
    • Digital Book Library

    Best of the Web

    Need the nice of the high-quality? There’s no time to waste then! Use these resources together with your college students to present them the fine that education has to provide. There are extra resources that may be used entirely to bolster your expert development wishes as nicely.

    • five Best Free Educational Game Sites for Kids
    • Top 10 Educational Technology Resources
    • Top 10 Education Apps for the Classroom
    • Top 10 Interactive Whiteboard Websites & Resources
    • Top 10 Ways to Use Skype in Your Classroom
    • Top 5 Free Coding Tools for Kids
    • Top 5 Free Coding Tools for Teens


    Videos are a excellent way to help students research greater approximately a subject or concept in a simple and visible manner. Use these on my own as a focal point of your lesson, as a complement for your lesson or activity, or as a evaluation to your students.

    • Vibrations and Sound
    • Grammar Song: The Function of Cordinating and Correlative Conjunctions
    • How to Solve Algebraic Equations with Fractions
    • How to Express Large Numbers in Scientific Notation and Rewrite in Standard Form
    • Using Inverse in Multiplication and Division
    • Finding Area by means of Multiplying Base and Height

    Internet Safety

    One of the most essential lessons on your college students to examine is the way to use the net and adequately. Included on this segment are extraordinary sources, discussion courses, sports, and helpful pointers to help college students with reviewing Internet websites with a important eye and sound judgment.

    • Discussion Guide to Bystander
    • Dealing with Technology in the Classroom
    • Sample Acceptable Use Policy
    • Netiquette — Internet Etiquette
    • Cyberbullying: The Downside of New Media Technology
    • How Does Safety Technology Change Momentum?
    • Cyber Bullying: A Guide for Teachers

    PowerPoint Resources

    PowerPoints are a super visual resource to apply with your college students. Whether you are having students overview a lesson or create their very own initiatives, college students have numerous sources that they are able to use to ensure their initiatives are the fine element you have ever seen.

    • PowerPoint Library
    • PowerPoint Tips and Tricks
    • PowerPoint Postcards Presentation
    • Top 10 PowerPoint Projects Slideshow (Grades 4-8)
    • PowerPoint Projects
    • Family Tree Organization Chart with PowerPoint
    • Assessing a PowerPoint Presentation

    Word Processing Resources

    As generation maintains to evolve, college students learning phrase processing abilities is as important ever! Review together with your college students typing essentials with numerous literature activities, create mathematical shapes with autoshape and phrase art functions, and much more!

    • Word Processing Projects Slideshow, Grades 4-eight
    • Reviewing Spelling Rules
    • Math Using AutoShapes
    • Newsletters Made Easy!
    • Internet Scavenger Hunts
    • Creating Templates
    • Word Art Creations

    Internet Resources

    Want to build up your sources library with amusing sports in your college students? Well, this section has plenty of one-of-a-kind activities to be able to preserve your college students engaged and offer you with some fantastic options! Be sure to check out “Parts of an Email Message” and “History of Communication” to help your college students learn about how the Internet and a number of its best inventions began.

    • A Family Tree
    • Parts of an Email Message
    • History of Communication
    • Wonders of the World Questions
    • Self-Portrait Simile Poems
    • Life on the Prairie
    • World War I: People, Places, and Events

    Integrating Technology

    Some of the pleasant ways to assist college students research is to put into effect generation within lessons or activities. Use a number of the resources indexed on this phase to discover ways to integrate generation inside your college students mainly for those who are struggling or want a further challenge.

    • Technology Tools to Integrate In Your Classroom Today
    • Communicating with Groups Online
    • Learning to Read at the Web
    • Integrating Technology
    • Assistive Technology for Students with Mild Disabilities

    Online Games

    Use those online video games to interact your college students in learning key mind strengthening sports. These video games are so much amusing your college students won’t realize that they’re learning!

    • Sudoku
    • Funbrain to Go

    More Technology Resources

    Want to build up your library of sources? This section will offer you one-of-a-kind printables, dialogue guides, activities, and references for mastering extra about generation and incorporating them within your study room.

    • What Are Blogs, RSS Feeds, Podcasts, and Widgets?
    • Internet Guide for Teachers and Students

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