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If you proportion our venture, after analyzing the Guiding Principles, please be a part of us and take step one by filling out the commitment form. We may be in contact approximately institution  announcements, subsequent steps, and virtual gatherings. The IoE is all of ours, be part of the alliance.


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For the next 3 months, anyone is invited to join an open on line debate approximately the IoE principles. In November, we can publish the Internet of Education (IoE) Version 1.0 Principles and open the signatory. The IoE is all of ours, help us govern and shape consensus.


Tell Your Story

With a community of tasks as complex as the internet, we want help telling the story.  Help us crowdsource real life IoE testimonies and thoughts for a way the IoE will make real human beings’s lives better. We will submit the exceptional in a use case compilation for cities, states, and international locations.


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The IoE Hub is an ed Co-Lab in a box. We’re pleased to sooner or later invite you to the IoE Hub. Through collaboration & iteration, we hope to connect & unify this ever-broadening Internet of Education surroundings to support every and each stakeholder.

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A Future Vision

A Collaborative Idea

The Internet of Education (IoE) is not an organisation, however a future imaginative and prescient in which each human on earth has get admission to to satisfactory training and financial opportunities. It is an concept with room for lots voices, researchers, companies, organizations, and groups. It will require innovation, experimentation, and getting matters wrong whilst always iterating closer to what’s proper.

A Decentralized Community

The Internet of Education encourages debate and critical discourse from a whole lot of views due to the fact global schooling is just as various as its humans. The Internet of Education isn’t absolutely owned or controlled by anybody individual, vital parent, institution, or faction of agencies. Anyone can be an IoE steward by way of committing to and following the guiding concepts.

We hold these truths to be self-obtrusive.

These ideas are not final, but rather the culmination of essential and ongoing conversations across a international network of practice.Use the comment icons underneath to debate and discuss those concepts.

One Open Internet

One Open IoE

There is handiest one open IoE. We will work together to guard and join all network nodes and ensure the IoE equitably advantages humanity.

Distributed Governance

Like the imaginative and prescient for the Internet, we are able to make certain that no one business enterprise asserts more manipulate than is needed to allow shared development and interoperability among all IoE community nodes.

Effective Collaboration

We will empower all stewards of the IoE to make activate, precise, and jointly beneficial choices as a way to strengthen the shared project, standards, and protocols of the IoE.

Open Standards

We will increase, promote, put up and/or adopt, with out limit, technical and educational requirements that align to the practices and principles mentioned by means of OpenStand.

Open Participation

We will make sure that any person, group, or corporation can get right of entry to and participate without charge. The handiest requirement will be to pledge dedication to these guiding standards.

Proportional Influence

We will make sure that the relative have an effect on in resolving any contested choices be proportional to the wide variety and variety of rookies representing the nodes of the energetic IoE community.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We will advise for and aid traditionally marginalized companies, deal with character and cultural bias, and work to dissolve structural boundaries through civil discourse and the innovative and humane use of generation.

Data Dignity

We will expand, undertake, and promote technologies and data practices that region human beings over profits so the IoE turns into a public excellent that puts people and their facts first.

Agency & Access Control

We will ensure that each one learner records are available and/or controlled by means of the character (or their dad or mum) and that every one identification systems are transparent and intention to keep privacy and records business enterprise.

Lifelong Learning

We will apprehend and guide ALL educational stories that result in effective human improvement and renowned that gaining knowledge of starts offevolved at start and keeps throughout the life of every body on this planet.

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Publishing those standards will stand now not as prescriptive however as the start of a communicate and debate to help influence and shape version .

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The IoE App gives a complete variety of network gear in your co-lab or network. Collaborate within institution and community networks to localize your personal Co-Lab and Internet of Education in a secure and trusted on line surroundings.

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Research & Productivity

The IoE Hub comes full of research for everybody involved in the future of training and work. Join pilot groups, interact with shared offerings, and proportion studies. The IoE Hub community capabilities will let you form organization chats, percentage content material , crowdsource solutions for problems, and keep your pulse on all matters IoE .

Throughout the evolution of the Internet of Education, everyone is invited to proportion their attitude and join the open debate. With the Internet of Education (IoE) Version Principles finalized, we turn our awareness closer to surroundings governance.

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Q1 2021

Checkpoint three

  • Official IoE Committee

  • The IoE Network Launches

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