Net Questionnaire 02.1

Survey of Computer and Internet Use

This questionnaire is part of a have a look at of pc and Internet use. Your participation on this study is voluntary, and your answers will form part of a statistical look at and will now not perceive you as an individual.

Please first answer these historical past questions, then whole the rest of the survey.

Sex: Male Female

Age: years

Which of the subsequent nice describes your instructional degree?


Some basic college

Some secondary school

Some college

Advanced diploma

In what u . s . had been you born? In what usa do you presently are living? What is your faith?

In which of the following settings have you ever made use of a computer related to the Internet? (test all that practice)

cybercafe or other placing open to the general public


at domestic

at a chum’s domestic

at college or paintings

In which of the subsequent settings do you maximum often use a pc to access the Internet?

cybercafe or different setting open to the general public


at home

at a friend’s domestic

at college or paintings

How regularly do you get right of entry to the Internet?

Once a month or less

Once a week

Several instances per week

Every day

Several times an afternoon

How many hours in keeping with week do you spend online?

When you get admission to the Internet, which of the subsequent do you normally do? (check all that observe)

use the World Wide Web for your very own amusement

use the World Wide Web for your faculty or work purposes

send or acquire e-mail

use IRC or chat rooms

use AOL/Instant Messenger, Microsoft NetMeeting, or other one to one communique

play computer video games

write on a word processor

download song or video

use different laptop packages

What other application do you maximum typically use?

Do you have got certain Web websites that you go to often?

Yes No

If yes, please listing a number of your maximum popular Web websites (with addresses, if you recognize them).

What kinds of Web web sites have you ever visited inside the closing month? (check all that observe)


Retail sales







Other (please specify)

Do you have got a private Web web page?

Yes No

Do you have at least one nickname you operate in chat, immediately message, or e mail?

Yes No

Do you ever pretend to be someone else (e.g., exceptional age, sex, or appearance) in chat, immediate message, or e mail?

Yes No

Have you ever grow to be romantically involved whilst on-line with a person you did not recognise in man or woman but met via chat or immediately messaging?

Yes No

Have you ever emerge as romantically worried in real existence with someone you first met via chat or immediately messaging?

Yes No

Here are other matters a few human beings do at the Internet. What approximately you? Have you ever…? (check all that follow)

had someone give you false information approximately themselves in an email or immediate message

used email or on the spot messages to talk to someone you had by no means met before

given your password to a chum or someone

pretended to be a distinctive individual when you have been emailing or instantaneous messaging a person

sent prank e mail or an e-mail “bomb”

blocked immediately messages from someone you did no longer need to listen from

Do you play interactive fight or journey video games (e.g., Quake, Tomb Raider) on the Internet?

Yes No

Do you play interactive strategy video games (e.g., Age of Empires, Starcraft) with different humans on the Internet?

Yes No

Do you take part in position-playing or simulation video games (e.g., EverQuest, The Sims) with different human beings at the Internet?

Yes No

If you play any game on the Internet, what’s your preferred sport?

How many hours in keeping with week do you spend gambling this recreation?

Thank you for completing this questionnaire. When you’re equipped to ship the statistics from this survey, load the Web version at, enter the records from the first paper survey, and click on the Submit button as soon as. In a moment you will get hold of observe that your information have been saved on our Web server. You may additionally then use your Web browser’s ”Back” button to reload the shape, click on the Reset button under, and input the subsequent survey’s records.

If you want to erase your answers and start all over again, or when you have determined now not to complete this survey, click on this button

Thank you for finishing this survey. If you would love a precis of the effects of this observe of Internet use, or when you have questions or suggestions approximately it, please e mail

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