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SCUM is a survival sport that intently simulates actual existence. And if there’s one difficult lesson that actual life has for us, that is that if you devour poorly, you’ll get fat.

Exactly the equal thing will show up in SCUM: you can benefit weight, you can get fat and in an effort to have a plethora of results over diverse in-recreation matters.

So these days, I’m writing an article for all of the human beings accessible who suffer from a massive intestine in SCUM. And I’ll tell you the way to shed pounds in SCUM and/or a way to reduce fat in order that your man or woman is in best form and a true survivor.

The hassle is that matters aren’t smooth and it seems that (again, like in actual existence) you may gain weight and fat plenty quicker than you could lose it.

Grab those MREs, devour a chunk of butter and chocolate and also you’ll be rolling down the hills like a blubber of fat right away!

So, here are some tips and tricks on how to lose fats and reduce your weight in SCUM – the satisfactory survival sport of the moment:

1. First of all, even though it’s now not definitely approximately dropping weight/fat, it must be said: watch your weight-reduction plan! Eating all the crappy things you find in the sport’s global will make you fatter and fatter, so stay away from everything that sounds like some thing to be able to make you fats.

As I said before, MREs appear to be the best at increasing that fat percent of your individual, however additionally very excessive-calorie stuff like butter, chocolate and, for some strange motive, eating raw meat.

Instead, prepare dinner your meals and devour light. Yeah, you can’t avoid this even in a pc game, ffs!

So, try and look at your metabolism and eat what’s required: if you need carbs, for example, move eat culmination or pasta; in case you need protein, consume a few meat. Check matters out and plan a piece!

2. A amusing manner of actually losing fats right away is… taking a poop or peeing. Yup, as you probably realize, you may pee, poop and puke in SCUM and doing so will instantly see you lose a hundred-2 hundred grams of body weight.

That’s a start – but you can’t try this over and over again till you’re at ideal weight, sadly.

3. Run, swim and be energetic: these items will reduce your fat ranges in-recreation frame, but not as fast as you’d like them to go down. They do, thru and in case you combine this with the tip #1, you may be there faster in preference to later.

4. Carry heavy stuff – this will make you burn extra energy and therefore lose greater fat in the sport. Always hold an eye fixed on the stats to peer the way you’re doing!

Take it slow to familiarize with the whole thing and see how converting belongings you’re carrying or sporting around impact the BCU reveal.

In the stop, recall that an in-game day is 6 real existence hours. So you could’t count on to lose 20 kilos in half an hour. It’s just not possible!

So as an alternative, take it slow, watch the meals you’re eating and… properly… exercise, despite the fact that that means walking round constantly, sporting things you don’t want just because they’re heavy!

If you have observed other (ideally clean) methods to shed pounds and fats in SCUM, share your findings with us in the remark section below.

I’ll additionally keep a watch on the game global and notice what else can be accomplished to assist your person get returned in form.

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