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How To Use The 5 Best Internet Safety Resources To Keep Your Students Safe Online

  • PBS Kids Webonauts Internet Academy

    About Webonauts Internet Academy

    Webonauts Internet Academy is a sport developed via PBS Kids wherein gamers are taken through an intergalactic global where they need to navigate key topics relating to secure and accountable Internet usage. It is excellent utilized in a more youthful classroom to introduce college students to Internet safety in a manner so as to be each informative and a laugh.

    How to Use Webonauts Internet Academy

    Have your college students click on the hyperlink above to visit the Webonauts Internet Academy. To begin the sport, educate them to click on the inexperienced “Start” button. From this factor, the Webonauts Internet Academy recreation will begin. Students can be taken thru activities in the sport that highlight critical net behavior like contributing meaningfully to a network, thinking seriously approximately the credibility of assets, and expertise the need of maintaining private information personal.Use the Webonauts Internet Academy to start a class dialogue on the key concepts protected in the sport. While Webonauts is virtually enticing and exciting in your students, it’s vital that you hold to encourage them to assume critically approximately secure Internet activities.

  • Common Craft

    About Common Craft

    Common Craft, LLC is a employer that specializes in clarification. While no longer an overtly academic website online, they undertaking to educate human beings inside the simplest approaches viable. Common Craft is on a project to “make the sector a more understandable place to live and work.” In reaching that purpose, they have got advanced a section of films on Internet safety, on the way to be surprisingly beneficial to a greater mature classroom.

    How to Use Common Craft

    Click the link above to go to Common Craft’s video list. Near the center of the web page, discover the inexperienced button that reads “Net Safety” and click it. Your results will now be narrowed to Common Craft’s seven movies that educate customers about secure on-line activities regarding pc viruses and threats, on line citizenship, phishing scams, protecting on-line reputations, stable passwords and websites, and internet site evaluation.Choose which videos you found in your class primarily based on what you agree with great suits their needs. For example, if you teach an economics elegance, it could be beneficial to show students the Phishing Scams video, or if you are informing students on the way to find credible assets for a paper, showing them the Website Evaluation video can be useful. However, your task is not completed as soon as you have got shown a video. It’s essential to get college students thinking critically approximately no longer only what became stated in those videos, but also why that information is essential and beneficial to them.

  • Common Sense Media

    About Common Sense Media

    Common Sense Media is a organization this is “dedicated to enhancing the lives of children and households by means of providing the honest facts, schooling, and impartial voice they need to thrive in a global of media and generation.” Put absolutely, Common Sense Media makes it easier for mother and father and educators to offer their youngsters and college students with secure media so as to beautify their lives, in preference to avert them.

    How to Use Common Sense Media

    Common Sense Media has put together whole lesson plans and resources for educators to make use of for you to train college students Internet safety at any level. Click the link above to visit Common Sense Media’s Toolkit for Teachers.Once there, locate the tab that suggests the grade stage you teach (Elementary, Middle, or High School), after which click the specific grade you educate (K-12). From there, you may both download the lesson or view it on-line. While you can view the lesson on-line, with a view to down load lesson substances, you will be required to create an account. To do that, locate your grade, then click “view lesson online.” On the next web page, click the orange “download lesson materials” button. On the subsequent web page, click on the grey “Register today” button to the right aspect of the screen. Specify which you are an grownup, offer the desired statistics, and click on “Sign Up!” You will now be capable of download the lesson substances and mold your college students into responsible Internet customers!

  • Virginia Department of Education’s Guidelines and Resource for Internet Safety in Schools

    About The Virginia Department of Education has created a comprehensive aid for educators, mother and father, and caregivers in relation to student pastime on the Internet. This guidebook outlines commonplace risks of the Internet and specifies how adults can treatment and perilous online situations for children.

    How to Use

    Click the hyperlink above to visit the guidebook. Once there, you may discover it as you choose. Note that this guidebook affords statistics for adults in any respect levels, whether they are college directors, instructors, or caregivers. While using sections of this guidebook that are most relevant to you may be useful, studying the whole record and taking notes on the overarching problems may also assist you to develop a more entire picture of a way to deal with these issues on your very own school room as successfully as possible.

  • FBI Safe Online Surfing

    About FBI SOS website

    The FBI SOS recreation functions in addition to PBS Kids’ Webonauts Internet Academy. However, FBI SOS is in all likelihood to be attractive to a extra mature audience. It is a game wherein college students are taken through a sequence of activities and challenges that offer them with facts and capabilities approximately a way to surf the net as safely as viable.

    How to Use FBI SOS siteClick the hyperlink above to go to the FBI SOS website online. Once there, discover the “Teachers” tab and click on it. At the top of the drop-down textual content, there might be a sentence that reads, “Click right here for a step-by-step instructor’s guide (pdf).” Click this hyperlink. You will now be directed to a step-through-step manual of the way to installation an account and how to add and control a category.The PDF furnished by means of the FBI details the whole thing you need to recognise for you to navigate via the entirety efficiently, so instead of reiterating everything it says I will factor out some things to bear in mind: college students most effective have one possibility to take the exam at the end of the game, remind them of this and encourage them to do their first-class, and finally, this is a game, so keep in mind to make it a laugh in your college students. Learning approximately some thing this important have to be severe, however it ought to additionally be fun and attractive for college kids. If they experience learning approximately the material, they will remember it and that is what is really vital.

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  • While the Internet can every now and then be a treacherous environment, it doesn’t have to be that way in your college students. By using those 5 Best Internet Safety Resources for Teachers you can make sure that your students are prepared with the vital tools to no longer best locate the facts they crave, but to be secure online.


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