The Internet And Education

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Lesson sixteen: The Internet and Education

file on Education 5B

Educational Technology II

  • 1.The internet, also really called the Net, is the most important and a ways-flung network gadget-of-all- device. Surprisingly, the Internet is not surely a community but a loosely prepared collection of about 25,000 networks accessed by computer systems on the planet. It is dazzling to know that no one owns the Internet. It has no principal headquarters, no centrally provided services, and no comprehensive on line index to tell users what data is to be had in the gadget.
  • 2.How is the whole lot coordinated thru the Internet? This is completed via a standardized protocol (or set of regulations for exchanging information) referred to as Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP). To gain get right of entry to to the Internet, the pc need to be geared up with what’s called a Server which has a special software (application) that uses Internet protocol. Originally evolved and nonetheless subsidized with the aid of the USA government, the Internet connect now not handiest commercial, commercial, scientific establishments but all other sectors inclusive of education and its libraries, campuses, and laptop centers.
  • 3.The exquisite enchantment of the Internet is that when the sign-up fees are paid, there aren’t any greater costs. Electronic mail, as an instance, is unfastened regardless of the amount of use. In contrast, people the usage of the Internet on their own non-public computer systems must pay ongoing monthly fees to whoever is their provider company.
  • 4.The massive sea of facts now in the Internet, along with news and minutiae, is an overwhelming venture to folks who desire to navigate it. Everyday, the Net consumer- population and the to be had information keep growing, and new approaches are constantly being evolved to tour the Internet.
  • five.The maximum appealing way to transport across the Internet is called browsing. Using a program called a browser, the person can use a mouse to factor and click on on display screen icons to surf the Internet, in particular the World Wide Web (the Web), an Internet’s subset of text, images, and sounds are connected together to allow customers to get admission to statistics or facts wished.
  • 6.The future of the Internet appears endless. Already its complexity has spawned and continue to spawn Net web sites which include new call for for services to enterprise, industries, technology, government, and even homes. Many specialists predict that the Internet is destined to come to be the center piece of all on-line communications on the earth and in some future time inside the solar machine the use of interplanetary satellite tv for pc verbal exchange stations.
  • 7.Today, even simple faculty graders inprogressive international locations just like the United Statesare corresponding through e-mail with pen pals inall 50 states. They ask probing questions like,“What is your country’s maximum seriousproblems”, or How tons does pizza fee inyour country? This instructional pastime proddedby their colleges are paying dividends fromincreasing the pupil’s hobby in Geographyto a extra know-how of the way peoplelive in huge towns and other places in theUnited States or the world.
  • eight.Educational software materials have alsodeveloped each in sophistication and enchantment.There is now a much wider preference from rotearithmetic or grammar lessons to discoveryand innovation tasks. But the realpossibility today is connecting with the worldoutside homes, lecture rooms, and Internetcafes. And nowadays faculties are gearing up totake benefit of Internet get admission to, wherethey can plug into the Library of Congress,make virtual visits to famous museums in theworld, write to celebrities, or even sendquestions to heads of states.

    Lesson 16: The Internet and Education

    record on Education 5B

    Educational Technology II

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